Patent department

Telecommuting lawyers and intellectual property specialists

  • registration of rights to the results of intellectual activity
  • the company’s records management in relation to intellectual property
  • participation in the development of products and its market launch


Remote support is a full-time work that helps to solve exactly your tasks, without the need to search for the employees.

Records management and collaboration with the inventors

Registration of rights and interaction with Rospatent (Federal Service for Intellectual Property), FAS, Customs Services

Participation in the negotiations and transactions

Inventory, reporting and by-laws

Research and monitoring of the competitors

Participation in the product development and sale

Patent disputes, claims and courts

Our advantages


Continuous and timely work on the solution of strategic tasks of the client.


Constant communication for consultations and participation in negotiations on the sphere of competence.


Flexible terms of cooperation and pricing.

Basic package:

Registration of applications for the objects of patent law, computer programs, trademarks and records management prior to the patent acquisition; visit of the customer on a call-out basis no more than once a month without reference to time; consultations on the intellectual property issues; preparation of the rights transfer agreements with the inventors; preparation of conclusions on the use of the customer's patent in its activities, preparation of the certificate of implementation, preparation of the certificates of cessation of use; control over the payment of fees for the protection document maintenance
Additional works:
Preparation of the right disposal documents (licenses, alienation, pledge), registration with Rospatent (Federal Service for Intellectual Property), participation in the negotiations and approval of up to 5 transactions Request +Request for each transaction in excess of 5
Conducting patent research (prior art, patent clearance, competitor monitoring, etc.) Request
Inventory of RIA *** (once a year, monthly, by projects) Request
Preparation of documents for the conclusion of transactions, participation in negotiations and approval, interaction with public and private customers on such issues Request
Preparation of internal documentation related to the organization of patent and licensing activities (development strategy, patent strategy, confidentiality provisions, trade secrets, industrial secrets, work with authors, etc.) Request
Work on the implementation of intellectual property in the documentation of third parties Request
Work on the protection and contestation of rights to IPOs in the Chamber of Patent Disputes Request
Work on identifying and fixing violations of rights to IP, test purchases, preparation of claims, preparation of acts of using the customer's IP in counterfeit products Request
Work on the protection and contestation of rights to IPOs in the Intellectual Property Court and courts of general jurisdiction Request
Work on creating products for our own production on the basis of patented products and obtaining patents for such products Request
Work on the creation of products for production by third parties on the basis of patented products and obtaining patents for such products Request
Work on checking materials and documents for the unlawful use of the rights of third parties (advertising, articles, signs, etc.) Request
Organization and conduct of the company's activities for the preservation of commercial, industrial secrets Request
Calculation of royalties, calculation of the cost of intangible assets Request
Registration of rationalization proposals Request
Interaction with the Federal Antimonopoly Service, the Customs Service on intellectual property issues Request
Other works Request

* Patent and other fees are not included in the indicated cost.

** OIP - is an object of intellectual property.

*** RIA - is the result of intellectual activity.

We try to solve issues not only directly related to our activity, but also in the field of product, design service or software development. This makes it possible to minimize the workload of the customer's specialists and fulfill the tasks as quickly and professionally as possible.

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The Supreme Court of the Russian Federation decided to complicate the protection of intellectual rights that a brand is not subject to registration if it can be taken as a designation of a certain type of goods.

The Supreme Court of the Russian Federation introduced uncertainty into the legal practice of registering trademarks, deciding that Rospatent may refuse to register if, in the opinion of the expert of the Federal Institute for Industrial Property, the designation indicated can be perceived as a type of goods.

The Plenum of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation has prepared new explanations of the application practice of the provisions of the fourth part of the Civil Code for the courts.

The resolution clarifies the procedure for determining jurisdiction of disputes arising from the fourth part of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, the procedure for resolving disputes arising from agreements referred to in this part of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, and explains the procedure for resolving disputes related to the protection of intellectual property rights and other issues relating to copyright and intellectual property.

A trademark becomes a panacea for unscrupulous competitors on the Internet.

The use of keywords (phrases) identical or confusingly similar to another person’s means of personalization, taking into account the purpose of such use, by an advertiser in a contextual advertisement on the Internet as a criterion for its displaying can be recognized as an act of unfair competition.