Registration of intellectual rights for the design and technical solutions

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  • inventions
  • utility models
  • industrial designs


Our work practice?



We advise on the intellectual property issues and determine the most appropriate object of rights for a patent acquisition.



We conduct an information search and identify any obstacles to the patent acquisition, offer options for eliminating any barriers to patenting.



We prepare the files and materials and submit an application, pay any fees, respond to the expert’s requests from Rospatent (Federal Service for Intellectual Property), the Eurasian Patent Office and patent offices of other countries.



We receive a patent decision, verify the correctness of information entered into the patent, receive and transfer the patent to the customer, provide recommendations on further work with the patented solution.

Our advantages


Our patent attorneys have experience of work as the Rospatent (Federal Service for Intellectual Property) experts


During the first consultation, we will explain how to protect intellectual property


We have extensive experience in various fields of science and commerce


Patenting of inventions, utility models, industrial designs

  • Development of the primary formula or selection of image angles
  • Conduction of a preliminary search
  • Conduction of a preliminary search
  • Registration of the application
  • Record keeping
  • Translation of the application into Russian
  • Determination of the optimal object of patent rights
  • Record keeping on the application of the PCT, EAPO or convention application


  • Submission of a convention application, PCT application or EAPO application
  • Interaction with patent attorneys of other countries

Registration and submission of an application in 48 hours
The term for obtaining the final expert’s decision is 2-6 months from the date of submission
Fees Request

  • Registration of an application for an invention, utility model, industrial design based
  • Preliminary search by three IPC classes or one LOC class, the results of which will be considered by the experts
  • Preparation of a written repor
  • Record keeping
Other services
  • Records management and collaboration with the inventors
  • Registration of rights and interaction with Rospatent (Federal Service for Intellectual Property), FAS, Customs Services
  • Participation in the negotiations and transactions
  • Inventory, reporting and by-laws
  • Research and monitoring of the competitors
  • Participation in the product development and sale
  • Patent disputes, claims and courts
More details
International patenting Request
Preparation and submission of a Eurasian application and patenting in the CIS countries Request
Preparation of a draft patent claim/utility model based on the files and materials provided (separately as a service) Request
Conduction of a patent search to determine compliance of one solution with the patentability conditions (14 business days and more) Request
Introduction of a claim into the invention formula that is absent in the formula previously proposed by the applicant and accepted for consideration Request
Amendment of applications Request
Extension of the term for responding to the expert’s request for each month of extension Request
Preparation, submission of a response to the expert’s request on the results of the declared decision compliance verification with the legal requirements Request
Restoration of the deadline for submission of documents or additional materials defaulted by the applicant at the expert’s request Request
Early publication of information relating to the application Request
Republication of a patent Request
Acquisition of a duplicate patent Request
Amendments to the application documents in the case of transfer of the right for patent acquisition Request
Amendments to the register of information relating to the patent holder, the inventor, the correspondence address, corrections of evident and technical errors (for each amendment relating to 1 patent) Request
Amendments to the patent in terms of information relating to the patent holder, the inventor, the correspondence address, corrections of evident and technical errors Request
Patent maintenance/If there are more than 10 pcs. in the order, monitoring of payment terms is included in the price Request/Request

The works that are not listed shall be agreed individually.

*The amounts of fees are not included in the indicated cost.

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The Supreme Court of the Russian Federation decided to complicate the protection of intellectual rights that a brand is not subject to registration if it can be taken as a designation of a certain type of goods.

The Supreme Court of the Russian Federation introduced uncertainty into the legal practice of registering trademarks, deciding that Rospatent may refuse to register if, in the opinion of the expert of the Federal Institute for Industrial Property, the designation indicated can be perceived as a type of goods.

The Plenum of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation has prepared new explanations of the application practice of the provisions of the fourth part of the Civil Code for the courts.

The resolution clarifies the procedure for determining jurisdiction of disputes arising from the fourth part of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, the procedure for resolving disputes arising from agreements referred to in this part of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, and explains the procedure for resolving disputes related to the protection of intellectual property rights and other issues relating to copyright and intellectual property.

A trademark becomes a panacea for unscrupulous competitors on the Internet.

The use of keywords (phrases) identical or confusingly similar to another person’s means of personalization, taking into account the purpose of such use, by an advertiser in a contextual advertisement on the Internet as a criterion for its displaying can be recognized as an act of unfair competition.